You can think of the travel fanny pack as a spacious alternative to the waist bag. Other than being a fashion accessory, you will find it to be quite important for travel. Before you shop now, there is a need to understand its benefits and what to look for when buying one.

Benefits of a travel fanny pack


As you travel, you want your hands to be free. You may have many items to put in your fanny pack. For instance, the shoulders cannot ache because of the lightweight of the pack. Moreover, it is commonly worn around the waist.


You will find travel fanny packs available in a wide range of colors. Thus, you can have a sporty style you want that fits any given outfit. You can also use it as an alternative to the belt when you wear it around the waist.


If you follow styles and trends keenly, then you might have noted that a fanny pack is now more fashionable than ever. Thus, your style might be considered incomplete without a waist bag if you are traveling. Other than carrying your essential items, it gives you an appearance that lets others know you are an extraordinary individual.

Travel Fanny Pack Buying Guide

When buying a fanny pack for travel, there is a need to consider different things. These are some of the important things to help you get a fanny pack that suits your traveling needs.


It is advisable to consider getting a durable and waterproof material. In this case, durable polyester fabrics are ideal. Other things to consider are strong zippers. Such things make your fanny pack perfect for travel.

Padded Straps

Heavier bags have padded waist strap. Also, they have adequate padding and form-fitting belt. There are also small fanny packs that have narrow straps. They are perfect for those who need a lightweight pack.


When choosing the right travel fanny pack, you want to ensure you check important security features such as anti-theft pockets and RFID technology. The good about RFID technology is that it helps prevent thieves from stealing your credit card information. You can also find some with secret pockets for stashing critical items.

Water Bottle Pockets

These are common with lumbar fanny packs, which are larger than regular packs. You will find this to be a convenient feature to have but increases your pack’s overall weight.

Straps and Loops

If you like hooking your fanny pack whenever it is not in use, then you should look for one with straps and loops. For instance, the compression strap can be a perfect place for hanging your sweat towel or hat. Also, it offers a nice way of hooking the bag into the chair to keep it secure.

Internal Clip for Keys

Another thing to look for in a fanny pack for travel is the internal clip. You will find it suitable for hanging keys, jewelry, and mini flashlights. You can also use it to organize your emergency whistles and other things you need during the journey.


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