Do you practice yoga, and are you taking a trip to relax on a tropical beach soon? You better bring your travel yoga mat with you! Your vacation is actually one of the best times to practice yoga! The point of taking a break is to be disconnected from your reality and do some relaxing and distressing. Yoga can help you achieve that!

The beach is a great place to do yoga! The fresh sea air can clean your lungs, and the sound of waves crashing to the shore will help you focus. Plus, you get a good amount of vitamin D!

Here is a list of the best yoga practices that you can do on the beach:


Technically, meditation is not a yoga pose, but it is a great way to start your yoga session. Take out your travel yoga mat and sit down and breathe. Absorb your surroundings – feel the breeze and listen to the sea. Do this for at least five minutes before you start your yoga poses. You will be left feeling calm and confident.

Side stretches

Before you start your poses, it helps to warm up your body by doing some stretches. When you are done with meditation, remain seated on the yoga mat. Then, place your forearm on the floor and the other arm straight up. This will help stretch the side of your body. Repeat the same routine with the other room. Make sure that the back of your hand is facing downwards.

Boat stance

After stretching, remain seated in your travel yoga mat. Stretch your legs and lean back while you raise them. Wait until you find a comfortable position. Then, raise your arms forward. Your body should look like a triangle at this point.

Downward-facing dog

This is a classic yoga pose that stretches out your back. Kneel on your yoga mat, then align your knees with your hips and your hands with your shoulders. While stretching your legs, lift your hips but keep your heels on the mat. Tense your arms as you do this. Then, relax your head by facing downwards towards the mat.

Tree Pose

The tree pose tests your balancing skills. This may be harder since sand is an unstable surface – take it as a challenge. What you have to do is stand with a straight back, breathe, and then raise one foot and form a triangle with it by landing it on your thigh. Then, you join your palms together and raise them above your head. Maintain your balance for a few seconds before repeating the same procedure using the other foot.

Meditate again

Once you are done, meditate again for another five minutes. This helps you cool down.

It is best to practice yoga at the beach during early mornings or late afternoons. The shore will not be that busy during these times, allowing you to focus on your yoga session. Even if the sun is not too intense during these times, do not forget to put on sunscreen for protection!


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