If you are preparing to take out your motorbike for a long-distance drive, you would need the right accessories for the best experience. An accessoire moto has the benefit of providing enough comfort yet protecting the bike itself.

It is essential to get the top-quality product, as you wouldn’t want them to fail mid-way into your journey. Sub-standard motorcycle products are prone to wear and tear much sooner than you’d like and would cost more to replace down the line. Below are some recommendations on the motorcycle accessories you can get for long-distance trips.

1. Motorcycle Grip Gel Brake Handle

One of the more essential accessories for your motorcycle is the brake handle covers. They offer protection to the brake handles and give you a more solid grip, which you’d need when you’re traveling a long-distance.

The product is of core compounds that create a better bond with the handlebars. The surface has a stick gel-like texture and suitable for more intensive terrains. Also easy to install, the grips come in 7/8” and 1 1/8” sizes.

2. 190T Black Blue Design Waterproof Motorcycle Engine Covers

Engine covers would help protect the motorcycle from the elements in scenarios like when you make a stopover. The 190T engine cover is waterproof and of durable polyester. It comes in different sizes depending on your bike’s length.

3. New Motorcycle Jacket Airbag Vest

Motorcycle jackets give protection against falls and accidents and are a great addition to your motorcycle kit. It comes in a composite nylon structure that has multiple layers for reinforced protection. The jacket can withstand tugs and pulls without giving way.

The product can also take abrasions, thanks to its jacquard fabric, for excellent wear resistance. You won’t have to struggle with visibility, thanks to the highly-reflective material it utilizes.

4. Foam Elbow Air Filter Sponge

The air filter sponge is handy to keep the motorcycle running in top shape. It measures 10cm in length and about 9½ inches in width. It has a sponge-like texture for better absorption and weighs about 0.1kg.

5. Vintage Electric Motorcycle Helmet

Need some protection on your motorcycle with a bit of vintage flair? The vintage half helmet features a comfortable build with conveniences like a warm collar and ear linings. The visor is replaceable, with a quick latch to swap the old lenses with a new one. It comes in a variety of colors and custom visor designs.

The half helmet is made of ABS material. It is lightweight, weighing around 900 grams. You don’t have to worry about the fit, as it is unisex.


Motorcycle riding experience would not be complete without some protective and decorative gear. It allows you to enjoy the bike over a long distance without an attendant impact on the components.

The above-listed products are some of the best accessories you can get for your motorcycle at the moment, allowing you to perform well on a broad selection of terrains. They are most suitable if you have to go on a long-distance touring.


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