Ultima Thule, The Horizontal Everest

“Ultima Thule” was the name that European geographers, beginning with the ancient Greeks, used to refer to the unknowable northern reaches of the world, beyond the navigable seas and shrouded in mystery. Some believed...

Island-Hopping in the Cayman Islands

Are you the sort of traveler who can’t sit still? Do you always want to see what is around the next bend and what the next town over offers? If you think that a...

Why You Should Go to Paris This Fall

The fall foliage in Paris is beautiful, and there are many other reasons to travel there this time of year. The weather may be warmer in the summer, but Paris’s art scene heats up each...
personalized bracelet - Gold coordinate

5 Unique Personalized Bracelet Designs For Travellers

If you are a travel lover and always on the roads discovering the hidden gems of the world, chances are you want to share and showcase your love for travel with others....

Jet to Bermuda on JetBlue

JetBlue Getaways wants to introduce you to Bermuda—from its underground caves to the top of its historic lighthouses. Along the way, there’s time to explore St. George’s and Hamilton and, of course, enjoy a rum...

Get Out and See Bermuda!

In every season, the conditions in Bermuda are ideal for an active vacation spent exploring the island, whether it’s by bike, boat, or on foot along Bermuda’s scenic trails. Katie Cadar of TravelStore offers the perfect itinerary for...

The 10 Best Places to Travel This Winter

Where to cozy up, warm up, and cool down during the winter months. As winter looms, so do the possibilities for adventure. This year, sun lovers can support Puerto Rico’s revival or snorkel in an...

A Baltic Voyage to the 2018 World Cup

In summer 2018, soccer’s World Cup kicks off in St. Petersburg, and Azamara has tickets waiting for you. While the opportunity to see the world’s finest soccer players compete in the stunning Zenit Stadium...

A First-Timer’s Trip to South Africa

If you’ve never been to South Africa, deciding where to go can be daunting. Which safari parks and which cities are musts, how do you travel between them, and where do you stop along the...

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